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Idea Forums

We believe that when we come together as an industry for a collective purpose we are able to discover viable and lasting solutions to the operational challenges and barriers we all face. To better accomplish these aims CU SOL hosts and participates in conferences and forums that aim to address the issues that are facing us today and waiting for us tomorrow.

We welcome all forms of feedback. So in the spirit of collaboration and transparency, we provide several opportunities and mechanisms to both gather and provide information and feedback. We encourage anyone interested in product development to attend and participate in our annual Spring and Fall Idea forums, as well as to provide ideas or ask questions through our Submit an Idea submission and Contact Us feedback links. And we always appreciate the direct approach – Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss whatever is on your mind, personally.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
– Henry Ford

Idea Forums

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CU Conferences – Annual CUSO Conference Presentation

Walt Agius will be presenting and explaining the CU SOL, LLC CUSO Concept in detail at the annual CUSO conference in December at the Tradewinds Hotel in St. Petersburg beach Florida. He'll be explaining how the CUSO got started and funded, and more...

CU Sol Annual Spring Strategic Idea Forum

Tied into the NACUSO Annual Meeting each year, our aim is to facilitate an idea forum specifically dedicated to CUSO and CUSO product development. We host a two hour session where the CU Sol business concept and strategies are presented to participants,...

CU Sol Annual Fall Strategic Forum

The Fall session is designed specifically for CU Sol CUSO Owners/Investors, Clients, Prospective Clients/Investors, and Strategic Business Partners. This session is generally a two day forum with several general as well as individual break-out sessions...