Formed by two diverse but like-minded credit unions, CU Sol, LLC is a new model credit union service organization (CUSO) seeking to fill the resource gap and provide solutions for emerging credit unions and other financial institutions. US Eagle FCU ($1B in assets located in Albuquerque, NM) and Coast360 FCU ($390MM, located in Guam, a US Territory) have collaborated over the last two years to strategically develop and fund this next-generation CUSO.

“Through great collaboration and strategy, we have this CUSO capitalized and ready to deliver products and services,” indicated Marsha Majors, CEO of US Eagle FCU. “We’ve developed a strong relationship with our partner Coast360 FCU and are excited that our CUSO is up and running.”

Both credit unions understand first-hand the importance of developing new sources of sustainable income and driving operational efficiencies that preserve the bottom line, and have focused on these attributes in developing CU Sol. “We’re looking to provide solutions for emerging credit unions (small to mid-size) with products, services, and programs necessary to improve or enhance their service delivery. We want to be proactive in providing solutions and resources to help our industry continue to thrive in this ever changing marketplace,” said Gener Deliquina, CEO of Coast360 FCU.

“We welcome inquiries and interest from credit unions of all sizes, but also industry suppliers and providers, state leagues and trade associations. We welcome potential partners interested in developing the next generation of needed products and services for the marketplace” added Majors.

CU Sol, LLC will take part in this year’s NACUSO Conference in April, the CU Leadership Conference in July, and the Annual CUSO conference in December, along with several other major industry conferences in between. “Our primary objective in 2019 is to create awareness; to let people know who we are and what we’re all about and build relationships that not only grow our CUSO potential, but positively impact our credit union movement,” indicated Gener Deliquina.

“We’re two credit unions strong today and hope to be 20-200+ strong in the years to come. We believe in this CUSO and its ability to effect great change in an underserved marketplace, and we welcome potential partners looking to achieve the same,” shared both Majors and Deliquina.

For more information on CU Sol, LLC, please take a look at the rest of our website or reach out to Walt Agius, CU Sol’s CEO at You can also use the contact form below.