What Are the Opportunities to Be Involved?

One of the ways that CU Sol is different from other Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) is our multiple level opportunities for involvement including A and B class Equity ownership, as well as Development Partner opportunities for our industry partners. We are seeking partners and partnerships at all levels who want to drive the development of new ideas into working products that are implemented in the marketplace.

Class A

Class A (Voting and Board Seat Eligible Members)

Class A shareholders are strongly encouraged to participate in as many product offerings as possible, in order to provide a stable initial base of clients to launch and maintain new products. However, this is not required. Class A shareholders will also oversee and govern the CUSO from a Board level.

Class B

Class B Shareholders

Class B Shareholders are participants who utilize one or more CUSO products and services. Class B ownership provides product price discounts, as well as the opportunity for input into ongoing development of those products. Class B shares may also provide potential for overall growth in investment value and equity, as well as potential product line profit distributions based on a client’s actual usage. Class B shareholders do not need to be Class A shareholders, and any Class A Shareholder can double dip by owing Class B shares.

Class C

Development Partner Opportunities

Development Partner relationships are specifically reserved for our Industry Partners (Vendors and related entities) that want a seat at the product development table. We anticipate the potential for tremendous value from and for our Development Partners in many forms, but specifically having opportunities to play important roles in researching, funding, and early adoption of projects.

Development Partners will also find unique and ongoing networking access and opportunities by interacting directly with the CUSO ownership, management, and clients as our client base grows. Development Partners have lifelong ties to CU Sol, receiving data and marketplace access and insights that would otherwise not be available to them.


Key Business Strategies

Operations Strategy

CU Sol will deliver products and services on an individual basis to our targeted markets. We operate with a clear operations strategy, defined in each individual product or service plan.

Partner/Investor Strategy

CU SOL is open to the idea of several separate share classes. Our goal is to provide involvement and investment opportunities that promote collaboration in the marketplace overall, as well as between share classes, and add value to the business.

Client/Market Strategy

CU SOL primarily develops and designs services that are relevant for small to mid-sized (emerging) credit unions and community banks. We also provide services that are marketed directly to consumers, as well as to merchants and retailers.

Products/Services/Product Development Strategy

The financial products and services provided by CU Sol are only limited by regulation. Within these regulations, we are open to consider any idea, product, or service that can generate positive return on investment (ROI) for our clients individually, and for the CUSO as a collective enterprise. To that end, we are constantly open to new ideas and to seeking out new technology and market changes that provide these opportunities.

Service/Delivery Strategy

At CU Sol, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the service and delivery of all our CUSO product offerings. If we can’t do it as well or better than the competition, we won’t do it. If we no longer outperform the competition in providing a product or service, we will divest as soon as is reasonably possible, to avoid tarnishing our brand.

Financial Strategy

At CU Sol, our primary objective is to generate positive ROI that provides sufficient resources for ongoing market research and product development, along with income that will flow back to our CUSO owners. We assess divestiture and execute exit plans to meet financial goals.

Our Bottom Line?

The bottom line for CU Sol is all about our clients’ and investors’ bottom line. Ideally, we would prefer for every investor to be on board for every product we deliver. However, we understand that different financial institutions have different needs. We recognize that as our product and service lines diversify, it will be impossible to attract every investor or user. However, each investor in the CUSO profits from bottom line income, but also from information, ideas, and opportunities generated from research, as well as from networking with each other.

For more information on CU Sol, LLC CUSO, or if you are interested in becoming a Shareholder, Development Partner, or User, please fill out the form below.