A FREE webinar to help you secure and analyze relevant data in today’s economic situation – for mere effective Strategic and tactical planning.


It’s strategic planning time for most credit unions, and whether we realize it or not, these are unprecedented times. “While nothing is ever truly predicable, this year’s planning process will be especially challenging for all credit unions,” said Walt Agius, CEO of CU Sol, a multi-owned product development CUSO and one of the session presenters.

Joe Breeden, PhD, CEO of Prescient Models and Deep Future Analytics, another multi-owned CUSO, suggests that “the key discussions for this year’s strategic planning, and at least some of the answers, are in the data.” What data you ask? Well, that’s what this webinar is focused on identifying for you. “Credit unions go through extensive reporting and data gathering on a daily basis. Using 5300 call report data is probably the best and most current information that can be used to spot trends and to project scenarios,” says Breeden. “And as a CUSO, a credit union owned organization that serves credit unions, we feel we can help provide unique insights into analyzing and interpreting each individual credit union’s data to the benefits of every credit union we serve.”

Here’s what you will get from attending this webinar: This session is designed to provide open dialogue and insights into what your strategic plan can and should deliver, as well as how to use the data you have to create real-life strategic scenarios and discuss potential plans and outcomes.

  • Insights and information from two operational multi credit union owner CUSO CEOs – What they are seeing and hearing from their credit union clients may provide valuable information for your upcoming session
  • The value of peer stress testing with your 5300 call report data and current economic data, both today and in the future economic environment – Impacts on your bottom line and how to use this data for your strategic goal setting
  • Why and how to make a few tweaks to your process to make this planning session and process your best and most productive ever
  • Discussing the current and ongoing COVID-19 impacts on your credit union and your members and how the potential scenarios should affect your decision making for strategic plans and your 2021 budget and forecasting
Here’s an immediate deliverable for getting this far into the read:
COVID-19 Stress Test & Peer Report. Just click the link.


What are we bringing to the table?

“What we are providing credit unions jointly, working together as two separate but collaborative CUSOs, is an opportunity to being in new data, freshly analyzed, intertwined with real time economic scenarios, as well as a fresh look and format for peer analysis that will provide valuable strategic planning insights, implications and discussion,” says Breeden.

“Asking the right questions, and analyzing the right data using the right methods are key aspects of every strategic planning session. You shouldn’t and won’t have all the answers in your session – that’s not what strategic planning is or should be all about. It’s asking the right questions that really counts” says Agius. “So, focus on the questions,” says Agius. The best way to do that is to re-analyze the way you analyze your data, that’s where this webinar comes in.

Attending this webinar might be one of the best strategic planning decisions you’ll make this year, in or out of the session. If you get one morsel, one solid idea or question from this session that elicits discussion at your upcoming session that leads to the implementation of one strategic goal, then this session and any time you spend will have been well worth it.

Use this session as a springboard to new ideas and thoughts for the betterment of your credit union and the benefit of your members. If you go into your planning process this year doing the same old things you’ve done for the last several years, how can you honestly expect better results that in the past? If you are not expecting better results from this year’s session and process, why spend the time at all?