Women on Work – Episode 2 with Kim Daigle

Women on Work – Episode 2 with Kim Daigle

We are thrilled to welcome to our podcast, a true pioneer in the credit union movement. Kim Daigle, President/CEO of the Insurance Trust of Westbrook, Maine meets with us to discuss the CU space as a whole, her innovative contributions to the CU world, and some of the amazing people she has had the honor to work with.

Topics we covered include:

  • Kim’s Journey to becoming the 1st woman CEO of the Insurance Trust
  • Women who’ve influenced Kim throughout her career
  • A brief history of the Insurance Trust, why it’s unique, and where Kim’s taking it
  • How Kim created her MEWA (Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement)
  • Top tips for other orgs interested in creating a MEWA
  • Kim’s advice for other women in the space
  • What’s on the horizon for Kim and the Insurance Trust
  • And more
Women on Work – Episode 1 an Introduction

Women on Work – Episode 1 an Introduction

CU Changemakers: Women On Work, is a podcast hosted by two ambassadors of the Credit Union Movement, Stephanie Smith, Executive Director of America’s Credit Union Museum, and Jon Taylor, the CEO of CU SOL. Every month, Stephanie & Jon will interview amazing women in the Credit Union movement and give them a platform to share their inspiring stories.