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Owner first, loan acquisition, retention, expansion, and participation.

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A hand up for survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

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Protect your member’s money with CU controlled protection plans.

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We aren’t new to the CUSO arena, in fact, we had a shell of a CUSO left over from the days of offering financial planning services. We’re in a unique situation geographically, and of an asset size where we aren’t small, but we aren’t large either. Developing new products and services and finding quality providers for the services we need to serve our members is and has always been a challenge for us. So we discussed and explored the CUSO opportunities, as a result of our ongoing strategic planning. It made sense for us to be part of a multi-owned CUSO that is designed for and has a primary mission of researching and developing and delivering exactly the services needed in the marketplace.

Gener Deliquina

CEO, Coast 360 FCU



Insert Your Credit Union in the Car Buying Journey

Insert Your Credit Union in the Car Buying Journey

Original Post | GreenProfit Members who think of their credit union when buying a car often finance with their credit union. It’s about embedding your institution earlier in the decision making process. Be part of their Car Buying Journey from the beginning. A...

Cost of A Data Management System

Cost of A Data Management System

Original Article | GreenProfit The question of “should we implement a data management system?” is already answered. Yes. Yes. And yes. So what’s holding up progress? Oh right, all the unknown costs. What does the system cost? Are there hidden charges? What about...


America’s Credit Union Museum

Bringing Awareness

Celebrating 20 Years

CU Sol is proudly partnered with America’s Credit Union Museum, the soul of an unwavering national movement of people helping people.

We are committed to helping the ACUM reach its’ goal of 5% credit union support for 2022.

CuChangemakers Podcast Launch

CU Changemakers "WOW"

Women On Work Podcast

CU Sol and America’s Credit Museum have joined forces to shine some light on the unsung heroes of the credit union space.

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Banking on Experience

Banking on Experience

Come hear from the voices of people working at financial institutions all over the world – the voices doing the work, driving change, creating a movement, and building the financial industry into a more positive and innovative place.

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