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CU Sol understands that regardless of how big or small any financial-related institution happens to be, the main impediment to the fruition of many ideas is lack of resources. We’re here to solve those issues through collaboration and aggregation. We strongly believe that through collaboration and aggregation of resources we can minimize consolidation in our industry, and help every individual institution we work with survive and thrive. Our clients understand their needs better than anyone, and we have the collective resources needed to scale up and accomplish nearly anything. Collaborate to aggregate, to dominate – we believe those are the keys to getting things done.

Loan Protections

Control Your Loan Programs

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CU Certified

A best in class vehicle service contract for credit union members while giving back 100% of the underwriting profit to the participating credit union. Drive member value by generating non-interest income through products already offered by most institutions today.

Multi Channel Lending

Vantage Squared

A new way to look at collateral protection plans. Enjoy access to loan data information 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Choose the risk you want to assume with Hybrid product. Keep premiums in-house and participate in risk-managed returns. 

Choose Your Plan

The Standard Blanket Lenders Single Interest (VSI) Plan or the Hybrid Blanket Lenders Single Interest Plan. Both plans provide Efficiencies and Compliance. The Hybrid Plan adds a Managed Non-Interest Income opportunity.

Lower Cost Premiums

Write a burb about the lower cost premiums here. Write a burb about the lower cost premiums here. 

Reliable Risk Management

Wrote a blurb about benefits of reliable risk management.

Collateral Protection

Discuss the benefits of collarteral protectio in controlled CU services. 

In House Premiums

Discuss why in house preiums are a benefit to credit unios. 

Lowered Risk Lending

Improved screening processes, internal controls, and information flow.

Risk Managed Returns

Read up on the ins and outs of risk managed returns in credit loans and processing. 



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