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It’s not about giving domestic violence survivors a hand-out. It’s about giving them a hand-up.

The CU SAFE (Survivor Alliance for Financial Empowerment) Initiative was created as an indirect lending inspired solution supporting the survivors of domestic violence through the local resource centers that support them. It’s about giving survivors a hand-up, not a hand out by providing both lending options and credit and financial counseling.

CU SOL has partnered with an incredible team of both technology and support service providers on this initiative with the goal of providing a scalable and sustainable nationwide program to domestic violence resource centers and the survivors they serve.

The initiative aims to help domestic survivors move beyond their circumstances 

How It Works

Financial Counseling

Financial Counseling

Providing lending options, as well as credit and financial counseling, by pairing organizations that support survivors of domestic violence with participating credit unions.

Creating Partnerships

Creating Partnerships

The SaaS Bridge Solution built by CRMNEXT will pair qualified survivors from participating domestic violence resource centers with a partnered Credit Union for 1-on-1 financial counseling and customized financial assistance.


Gaining back my financial independence was a large part of my healing process. The CU SAFE initiative is about helping to make these survivors feel more whole and giving them their lives back. It is about educating domestic violence survivors on how to manage their money, how to protect themselves, how to find their self-purpose, and how to gain independence and feel secure.

Annie Buntjer

Director of Strategic Accounts , CRMNEXT



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