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CU Sol was originally formed as a multi-owner subsidiary of two stable, substantial, and forward-thinking credit unions – a billion dollar New Mexico credit union and a nearly 500 million dollar credit union halfway around the world in Guam. The two credit unions joined forces to initiate the product development process to deliver needed products and services for mid-sized institutions.  Ultimately, the goal is to continue to evolve to a membership structure that includes ownership by and service to credit unions.  We’re open to participation and collaboration with partners that are ready to be a part of something truly unique in the marketplace.

We’re not out to reinvent the wheel, duplicate, or compete with current providers of quality services. Instead, CU Sol strives to fill the gap for the underserved market of smaller and mid-sized financial entities, as well as institutions of any size that have been priced out of the marketplace. We work to help our clients develop and deliver services – not just to survive, but to thrive.

Our officers are credit union professionals and senior managers in the financial services industry.  CU Sol is all about meeting the needs of the marketplace while keeping resources within the collaborative and aggregated institutions that utilize the products and services.

Pros of Credit Union

What Makes Us Different?

CU Sol understands that regardless of how big or small any financial-related institution happens to be, the main impediment to the fruition of many ideas is lack of resources. We’re here to solve those issues through collaboration and aggregation. We strongly believe that through collaboration and aggregation of resources we can minimize consolidation in our industry, and help every individual institution we work with survive and thrive. Our clients understand their needs better than anyone, and we have the collective resources needed to scale up and accomplish nearly anything. Collaborate to aggregate, to dominate – we believe those are the keys to getting things done.

CU Safe

  • Providing Financial Counseling
  • Providing Credit Counseling
  • Financing for Survivors of Domestic Abuse
  • Affordable Lending Options
  • Providing a Hand Up Not A Hand Out
  • Consolidate Credit



  • Identify Lenders
  • Automated Earned Wage Access
  • Financial Wellness Benefit
  • Better Access to Earned Wages
  • Low Cost
  • Source of Low Risk Fee Revenue

CU Control

  • Solutions for Emerging Credit Unions
  • Lending to Underserved Marketplace
  • Point of Sale Solutions
  • Multi Channel Lending Programs
  • Enhanced Service Delivery
  • New Sources of Sustainable Income

Let’s Solve Problems Together

Submit An Idea

We invite forward-thinking professionals and seasoned industry veterans to submit their thoughts for innovations in products and services for CUSOs serving smaller and mid-sized credit unions, community banks, and other financial institutions. We look forward to reading your ideas and look forward to working with your institution to implement solutions that help you to scale up, stand out from the competition, and thrive.

Do you wish to receive a response to your submission? Would you like to receive future updates regarding your product or service request? If so, please provide contact information below, and someone from CU Sol, LLC will be in touch shortly to continue the discussion.



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Jonathan Taylor, CEO 

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Olivia Engstrom, Director


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