Our partnership with Members Mobile for our Domestic Violence Resource program addresses a critical issue: the phone being a target for abusers, making it difficult for survivors to escape. By generously donating SIM cards to our program, Members Mobile helps sever that connection. Additionally, Members Mobile offers our Credit Union members a chance to save on their mobile subscriptions while navigating these challenging economic times. Their support encompasses financial assistance, community involvement, proximity, and a strong social conscience, aligning with the renowned values of our Credit Union.

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Our partnership with SafeYOU brings forth a powerful mobile application and platform that empowers and protects women and girls from violence, while also raising awareness on crucial gender-based issues. Through this collaboration, we extend support to women seeking to escape violence by providing them with essential resources to transition from a violent environment to a dedicated resource center. Together, we work towards creating a safer and more empowered future for women in need.

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Our partnership with FiCrowd brings an innovative fundraising solution directly to your financial institution’s website, seamlessly customized to reflect your unique branding. With FiCrowd, your institution can effectively connect with both existing and new customers/members. Through our collaboration, financial institutions have the opportunity to raise funds for their local domestic violence resource center, enabling the provision of essential technology and resources to support survivors. Together, we make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by domestic violence, while strengthening the bond between your institution and the community it serves.

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Our partnership with AcceleWage offers banks and credit unions a valuable opportunity to acquire and retain direct deposit customers, leading to increased revenues. Simultaneously, this collaboration enables us to contribute to the financial wellness of individuals within our communities. Recognizing the significance of financial wellness, particularly for survivors of domestic violence, we strive to provide them with the necessary support and resources to rebuild their lives and achieve long-term stability. By working together with AcceleWage, we make a positive impact on the financial well-being of survivors and empower them on their journey towards independence and recovery.



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