A Date with Data Summit!

Aug 15-16, 2022 | Manchester, NH


You know you need a better data strategy to compete, but what’s the next step in your data journey? CU Sol has assembled experts from all aspects of the Credit Union Data Journey for Credit Unions of all sizes in this 2-Day, Date with Data Summit. 

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CU Data Consultant, Anne Legg of Thrive

Anne Legg, founder, and principal of THRIVE TM Strategic Services works with credit unions to create revolutionary member relationships via organizational education, member-centric data strategies, and data maturity. She is a recognized credit union business strategist, presenter author, educator with an MBA thesis on the credit union business model as well as two internationally published whitepapers on credit union business strategy.

Jamie Jackson

Arkabot Founder and CEO

Jamie Jackson is an Information Technology professional with over 20 years of diverse experience in the Financial, Insurance and Utility Industries. Responsible for architecture, development, team management in large Operational, Data Warehouse and Decision Support Systems including comprehensive ETL tool experience and an extensive development background of Business Intelligence/Data Visualization components. Experienced in both the Waterfall model and Agile methodology.

Sumit Deshpande

Head of Solutions, CRMNEXT

Sumit Deshpande passionately advocates transforming customer experiences with a holistic human+digital perspective and making technology a tool for everyday success. As a driver of digital transformation in software technology and financial services, Sumit led innovation, product management, and delivery organizations at world-class companies such as CA (now Broadcom), BB&T/Truist, and Fidelity Investments – creating and launching several award-winning solutions. In his current role, Sumit works closely with financial institutions to leverage CRM for success in today’s competitive market by leveraging data for insights, simplifying work, and empowering employees to become agents of unparalleled service & growth.

Monday, August 15

Monday we will kick off our “Data Dating” with a full day lead by Anne Legg but with support by our friends at Arkatechture and CRMNext as we began to build out our understanding of the data journey and where you are in it.

Session 1

The power to transform the member – how to leverage data & talent to improve member’s lives.

Credit unions have more data than Amazon and a member-centered focus. The challenge is how to leverage these assets quickly and impactfully to improve member’s lives.

This session will explain the five domains a credit union needs to get in front of member’s needs and deliver solutions before the member knew they had a problem. That is the power to transform.



What to STOP/START/KEEP doing with data.

Assessing the credit union’s current data condition provides a critical foundation for setting a data transformation plan. An assessment will help identify the present condition to establish the organization’s strengths (keep), obstacles (stop), and suggest a reasonable place to (start). This class provides a framework on how to holistically assess your credit union’s current data condition.



Museum Data Scavenger Hunt

Sponsored by arkatechture

It’s time to explore the museum and visit some of the historic “data sites” of the movement while learning from our key sponsors how they leverage your data to help.



Data transformation is not only for data scientists.

To accomplish any challenging project, there needs to be a plan. The same is true with credit union data. This plan is called your data strategy. A credit union data strategy articulates the credit union’s member/business problems using data to solve. Simply put, a data strategy is a data “WHY.” This class will define a credit union’s data why (data strategy) and the framework needed to build and execute it.



Global Woman’s Network After Hours Event.

Stay for more history while making “HERSTORY”.  The Global Woman’s Network will be holding an after hours event at the ACUM immediately following the day’s “Date with Data Summit” meeting.  All are welcome to stay and participate!  Sponsored by CU SAFE!.


Tuesday, August 16

We bring it home on day two with a deep dive on end-user experience, a lunch and learn panelist roundtable highlighting different aspects of the data journey and some break out exercises that hone the game plan to bring back to your home team. 


Data is awesome, but so is the member.

A credit union’s mission is to serve its members. In the past, that was traditionally accomplished by personalized service delivered by loving branch talent. Today, credit unions have the opportunity to harness their data to create insights and make significant and impactful changes in their members’ lives. This opportunity is the catalyst to change. The member is the ultimate end-user of the data, so creating a data transformation plan that focuses on the end-user is critical for success. This class will drill into defining members’ four key problems and the members’ user experience ecosystem



Data Panelist Roundtable. 

More than Lunch

In this fun and interactive roundtable discussion we will take a deeper dive into the partner ecosystem and the need for different tools at different points of your data journey as well as some lively Q & A from the Audience.

Exercise A

Member friction Identification:

Participants identify frictions that member has doing business with the credit union.


Exercise B

Member Journey:

Participants select a friction and perform a high-level journey map.


Exercise C

Member-centric data strategy:

Participants build upon member friction and journey mapping and build out a one-page member-centric data strategy.



A tour of the museum.

Seize the opportunity to take a guided tour with Museum Director, Stephanie Smith in this energizing return to roots experience.  A trip to the Mecca of the Movement would not be complete without this experience!


Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible.

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