Accelewage Program

Protect Your Employees From Predatory PayDay Loans

Join some of the largest employers in the US like Walmart and PayPal who have already partnered with earned wage access (EWA) providers to offer their employees early access to their wages.

Take advantage of our NEW white label Software-as-a-Service for financial institutions that automates EWA for employees of select employers.

Predatory Loan


AcceleWage is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

EWA is a financial wellness benefit that gives employees access to part of their earned wages earlier than their normal pay cycle.

Used by some of the largest employers in the U.S. such as PayPal and Walmart, on-demand pay is quickly becoming the standard in payroll benefits and increasingly profitable for providers. Financial institutions have the opportunity to enter this growing multi-million dollar EWA business with competitive advantage of regulated and compliant practices. Through the proven technology of AcceleWage, financial institutions have the opportunity for growth and enhancements with both their employee benefit programs and member product offerings.

Low Cost

Low-cost, fully digital acquisition tool of direct deposit clients

Low Risk Revenue

Source of substantial low-risk fee revenues on EWA and other types of transaction fees
such as interchange fees.


Opportunity to acquire business members’ payroll service and grow membership through their employees


Very positive impact on local communities by improving the financial health of workers.

AcceleWage SaaS Functionalities

With API integrations done in just a few weeks, AcceleWage’s technology links payroll software to the financial institution’s core system

Accelewage Employees

Positive Impact

Improve the quality of life in  local communities by improving the financial health of workers:

Boost Employee Morale

Boost employee productivity, motivation, and retention through this enhanced employee benefit.

Better Alternative

A much better alternative to the unattainable terms and conditions set by current predatory PayDay loans.

Impact Investing 

Consumer spending to drive US GDP and improve our economic health.

Peace of Mind

Reduces uncertainty in making ends meet, late payments and/or loss of service

Lowered Risk Lending

Setting more realistic payment terms results in increased loan payoffs by employees. 

Valuable Solution

Accelewage is a smooth, easy and affordable process – available to our community members. 


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